the ocean project
urban intervention

Environmental issues are arguably one
of the biggest challenges faced by today’s society. This urban intervention tries to reconnect humans with nature, in order
to sustain a livable future. By creating an awareness of the human impact on the ocean through an immersive experience.

For humans the dimensions of the ocean are hard to grasp; we can only visit it for a short period of time and all of its services, such as generating the climate and fish, are free for us. Out lack of understanding and imagination leads to our irresponsible use
of the ocean.

A 360° projection inside the pavilion is broadcasted live from a capsule floating freely in the open ocean. The capsule´s journey defines the next city where the
pavilion appears. Content and travel of
the intervention are determined by nature
and therefore stand in contrast to our mostly man made world.

By involving the ocean in our daily lives in the city, it not only diminishes the physical but also the emotional distance. Reinforced by the fact, that half of the volume of the pavilion is the equivalent of the daily water consumption of one individual, the visitor becomes aware of his direct connection to the ocean through water cycles.

Masters project 2014