more projects
SCOPE – urban intervention

Imagine to be at the seashore at different places at once, even though you are physically in the city ...

In a world where our physical presence becoming less and less important,
SCOPE tries to raise awareness of the
new opportunities and their conse-
quences. It allows the visitor to reflect
and regain consciousness about the
space he actually lives in.

Collaboration Marina Widmann

Parc – urban intervention

In a humorous way, this intervention overdraws the rules, which govern our public spaces. The intention behind
the project is to show how regulated
our lives actually are.

Collaboration with Petrina Meier

Rain Record – generative design

Experiment to visualise rainfall. Over
a period of two months 19x19 cm
sized pieces of cardboard were held
in the rain for 15 seconds.


Stadtpoesie – urban intervention

Quotes in public spaces
– Stuttgart and Konstanz

Collaboration Marina Widmann

Contrast – exhibition concept

»Art meets Science« was the theme
for a fictional Biennale in Kiel. The exhibition concept is based on a room-in-room situation which leads to a dialogue between the two subjects.

Collaboration with Florain Müller

Art Magazin – editorial design

»art« is the biggest arts magazine in Europe. During my internship I was responsible for
the »Studio« section, the first eleven pages
of the magazine, in every produced issue.
I also created several other layouts as well
as a cover and a cover story.


Cloned birds don´t sing – book

This book describes the value, current state and future of the biodiversity on our planet.